Re: dia 0.90: printing Japanese using --enable-freetype ?

Le Wed, Jun 05, 2002, à 06:02:16PM +0200, Mike Fabian a écrit:
Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> writes:

Le Wed, Jun 05, 2002, ??? 04:37:20PM +0200, Mike Fabian a ???crit:

    [... snip ...]

     /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi
    ] /e0 exch def

Can you unsnip the complete array ?

5.000000 3.000000 m  [ /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi
 /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi
 /x /y /z /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi /xi

And you actually tried to print the (latin) letters x and z from Kochi
Mincho ?

        -- Cyrille, puzzled.


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