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Le Tue, Jun 04, 2002, à 09:21:48AM +0200, Claus Ritter a écrit:

Open questions for me are:
- is there the possibilty to hierarchically organize a design? E.g. a
block represents a part of the circuit specified in another dia diagram.
Is this possible at all?

There has been expressed interest in that, but no one has shown code (to my
knowledge). The URL proposal of (yesterday ?) could be used as a basis (like
in: if the URL is a relative url to a dia file, then behave hierarchically)

- is it possible to define my own menus with the right mouse button on
objects(groups), like VISIO?

Unlike Visio, you do have the source.

In a longterm I plan also to visualize the state of the hardware for
every clock cycle. Therefore it's interesting how flexible(fast) the
interface of dia is when the program gets data delivered from an
external source? 

I don't know.

This work now is purely academic (I'm in a scientific institution), but
in the future it can become commercial. Right now I'm in the search for
a program fullfilling the above requests for the commercial hardware
simulator I want to use. I started with VISIO which is able to do the
above things, but the hardware simulator is written in LINUX and we
don't want to have different OS.

You have the right and freedom to do a lot of things with dia, and are more 
than welcome to do so, provided this complies with the terms and conditions
of the GPL.

If anybody can help me with my questions I would be very thankful. 
Dia is a powerful tool and I really want to use it in my tool chain. But
I need descriptions of the interfaces.

You already have it, in the same language the software is using: C. Besides,
there was discussion on that topic... yesterday ! which you may want to

        -- Cyrille


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