Re: segmentation fault :-(

Le Sun, Jun 02, 2002, à 06:23:54PM +0200, Jan Keirse a écrit:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
init_x11_font (font=0x81236c0) at font.c:534
534       height = (real)gdk_font->ascent + gdk_font->descent;

Yep, almost. A deeper stack trace would have been useful (use the 'bt'
command). However, this is already very useful. I'll commit a symptomatic
patch shortly.
Here's the full one:
#0  init_x11_font (font=0x8138968) at font.c:534
#1  0x080a2420 in font_getfont (name=0x80cc280 "Courier") at font.c:1192

OK. You must have a font able to match the following XLFD:
(you may have to put aliases if you distribution is not aliasing -adobe-* to

Curiously, the "fixed" last resort font did was not loaded; I don't know

I'm committing the patch which is appended here (font.diff)

I'm a little reluctant to make call this worthy of a "brown bag" release;
the FreeType build compile is probably due to missing -devel packages. I
don't want to investigate more on code which will probably be scrapped in
fifteen days.

If you have success or at least slightly improved behaviour with this patch,
I'll be very happy to know. Otherwise, I think you'd probably better ask
SuSE for updated packages.

        -- Cyrille


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