Re: segmentation fault :-(

On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

Le Sun, Jun 02, 2002, à 12:43:14PM +0200, Jan Keirse a écrit:

I just compiled the 9.0 version of dia on my linux box. It starts, but
when I want to insert text, I get Segmentation fault :-(

How did you start the freshly compiled binary? Have you read the INSTALL
file ? Have you run 'make install' ? Did you enable GNOME, GNOME-print,
FreeType ? What versions of which libraries are you using ? What platform ?
What distribution ?

        Source code location:   .
        Compiler:               gcc

        Libart (AA rendering, png export):      yes

        Gnome support:                          no
        Build bonobo component (not supported): no
        Gnome-print support (not recommended):  no

        Python support:                         no
        (LIMITED) Freetype support:             no

I did ./configure - make - su - make install
I ran dia with dia and ./app/, the last one gave this output:
./app/ line 8: 26686 Segmentation fault      $DEBUGGER
/home/jan/dia-0.90/app/dia $*




$> cd /pub
$> more beer
Jan Keirse: jan keirse pandora be Tel.: +32 51 22 11 82

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