Re: 'Pipe' export feature (was: Re: Bug #86375 can be closed...)

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Andrew Ferrier wrote:
On 2002-07-16 at 14:10 -0700, Tim Ellis wrote:

Dia would have a configuration directory (something like

Overridden by ~/.dia/<thesame>

Maybe --- this would be a 'not much extra effort' feature. But
tedia2sql and similar would be system-wide, would they not? I
suppose a user might want to write their own, extra, wierd

They most certainly would.

When programs such as tedia2sql got installed, they would
install a configuration file in this directory which would
specify what pipes, scripts etc. dia needed to use in order
to transform the file from it's native .dia to (to use the
example above) .sql. Each of these files would then appear
as another export filter in Dia's export types list.

This sounds like a better solution than what I had in mind.

Also, I think this would be best implemented using a special
pseudo-export filter for dia, which would read the appropriate
config. files and add the appropriate 'export file types'.

This seems a fairly major idea: what do the maintainers think?
Should this be filed as a wishlist bug?

While a majorly useful idea, I think it'd be quite easy to implement as
well.  It's just a backend for the normal exporter.  Hmmm... if libxml has
some generic filter function (it has a specialized one for compression),
you could use that.  Seems it does:

For a first implementation, I'd suggest not worrying about the config
files, just reading a shell line during export.


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