tedia2sql 0.86 Released

Hello, lists,

I know I've posted about 7 release announcements for tedia2sql, but
features keep getting added! I'll try to keep announcements down to an
every-other-week frequency from now on.

Again, quick tedia2sql summary: Dia UML diagrams converted to SQL DDL for
Postgres, Oracle, DB2, Sybase. Others added as interest is shown. Homepage
at http://tedia2sql.tigris.org -- DBAs should be excited.

Jesus Sandoval writes:
"Very helpful tool tedia2sql, I'm beginning to use it (very easy to
install and use in my redhat 7.3 Linux, everything it needs is already
installed), I use it for Postgresql."

It appears if you run a later Redhat system (and I would assume a Mandrake
system as well), the prerequisites for tedia2sql are already installed.

The latest tedia2sql includes ability to add "RDBMS-specific" SQL,
specifically to allow creation of sequences. This functionality is
generic: you can specify "add this SQL for Postgres and Oracle, but add
that SQL for Sybase and DB2."

At this point, you can create a Dia diagram to give you:

 1. Database schema w/ PK and FK statements
 2. Insert statements to fill tables with initial data
 3. Extra DB constructs like sequences or special stored procs
    & triggers

Tim Ellis
DBA, Gamet

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