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On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Claudia [iso-8859-1] Nölker wrote:

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From Alan Horkan <horkana tcd ie> on Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 12:16:41PM +0100

from the change log
+ Done the integration job of Alan's shapes. (Translators: have fun!)

i speak a little french and german, and am willing to change to names of
the shapes or help figure out a translation that makes sense in
context even if it is different from the English if anyone considers them to have been badly
chosen i did not really think about it, i figure most of the things like Pentagon and
Hexagon do not need much translation.  I decided not to use words like
Pentagram instead used 5 point star.


my mothertongue is German, so I can take over the German translations. If
you are going to integrate them, I will send them to you. Is this ok?


No thank you. I will leave integration to those with commit access.

Please send them to the list (or put the pot file on a web page and send a

I thought from Cyrille saying "have fun!" he was suggesting that the names
would be difficult to translate.  I was offering to change the English
names to something better if it would make them easier to translate.

Hope i explained better this time

Alan Horkan

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