RE: dia gdk warning

At 08:35 24.01.02 -0000, Adrian Stacey wrote:

Re: ReleaseDC failed: I have had the same problem and it is coupled with the
text not appearing in dialog boxes under Dia. It is not simply a matter of
using Dia until it windows runs out of GDI memory: Dia becomes unuseable as
a result of the bug, which is a big shame. Version 0.86 of Dia does NOT have
this problem, later versions (0.88, 0.89) do, so I wonder a bit what has
changed between 0.86 to 0.88 which might have created the issue?

As tried to make obvious by my mail it is a GTK issue. IIRC Dia 0.89
shouldn't have this problem anymore (if used with the gtk+ libs
from my site )
But beware other problems (like crashing when exporting to PNG) in
this preview release ...

Thanks for your work on Dia; I really appreciate it and would *love* to run
a later version, but at the moment it is not possible due to this problem.

If you installed Dia with the setup program there may as well be issues
which I don't know of ...

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