Re: UML and Fonts when changing monitor resolution

LC> > LC> > And finally, if someone could just point me to a way to make _only_
LC> > LC> > the UML object library ( without having to make
LC> > LC> > the rest of dia, I'd leave everyone alone and hack a mod to it so
LC> > LC> > that it estimates the width a little better (should be a pretty
LC> > LC> > straightforward hack).
LC> > LC>
LC> > LC> $ cd objects/UML
LC> > LC> $ make
LC> >
LC> > Do I need to run configure first at the main level of the source tarball?
LC> Yes, you will.  Otherwise config.h doesn't exist, which would be Bad[tm].
LC> -Lars

Also there is no Makefile, which is also Bad[tm]. BTW, this seems to be an
effective, albeit overkillish, solution. I just decided that I'd rather
have it "work" than conserve diagram space. It only ends up costing me a
couple of character widths for each class. I'll note what I did in a
future message just in case anyone else with the same problem wants to
embark on the same path. I don't necessarily recommend it, but it served
my purposes.


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