Re: RE: Unit selection input

Le Wed, Jan 23, 2002, à 02:48:26PM -0500, Maiorana, Jason a écrit:

Yeah, once that settles.  Unfortunately, we don't know when that is.

well, about gnome2 i'd say. With the xft, xrender, and xrandr extensions

Let's say gnome2 += $(linux_really_stable_lag_time) * $(random_factor)

(genuinely hoping $(random_factor) < 1 )

becoming  standard, you may simply gain access to those as part
of the port to gnome2.

Yes. Except that you don't have any of Xft, XRender and all these gizmos the
day the X server is not XFree86 (not mentioning the special case where there
is no X server at all -- I'll blindly assume it just emulates Xft/XRender as

From the tone of your responses I get the feeling dia is in a 1.0
marathon right now, so forward looking chatter sounds inane. But energy
spent on direct freetype integration would be partially obviated by
a subsequent gnome 2 port (that took advantage of xft).

Hmmm. It looks like there is indeed more activity now. Hopefully we start
"running" again...

Plus there is the side-issue of distributing the ttf's. The MS ones
are not redistributable, nor are most high quality ones that Im aware
there are tons of middle quality type1 fonts you can repackage, but
installing a copy of each for every application is not a long term

We just depend on Ghostscript fonts being correctly installed into the X
server as well.


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