PATCH: Recently opened documents for GNOME

This patch includes some improvements (hopefully) to the handling of
recently opened document menuing:

*  The most recently opened documents are displayed dynamically near the
   bottom of the File menu like just about every other desktop application
   in the solar system (with the possible exception of MS Office). :-)

*  Accelerators have been added, eg. Ctrl-1 opens the most recently opened

*  A 'Recent documents list size' Preferences item has been added to the
   User Interface page.

*  Document filenames are trimmed to their basename on the menu, but hovering
   the pointer over the item will display a tooltip with the complete
   pathname.  Sexy!

*  The code is the same for GNOME and non-GNOME compiles, and works for both,
   which was the original intent.

Try it out, comments welcome.

 - michael -

M.C. Nelson  "Enlightenment guaranteed, or double your Buddha nature back."
mcn at users sourceforge net
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