RE: Problem getting dia installed

Just do

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
where x.x.x is the version of a file that actually exists
(i.e. ls /usr/lib/libxml.* to find what's there)

Good luck.
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ahh!!... now we are getting somewhere. you are indeed correct 
in that ls
-l /usr/lib/ looks to be a hard link to (which
no longer exists). i am thinking this because it is blinking 
red (i hope
i am correct on that part)

i guess i will start in the morning trying to figure out how 
to get that
file back onto my system.

thanks for the help.


On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 17:52, Young, Robert wrote:
MMark [mailto:mmark psysolutions com] wrote:

You will need to install the devel package from the same 
place you installed
this package (Ximian??). 

did this today, still not working.

RH7.2 comes with libxml-1.8.14-2 and libxml-devel-1.8.14-2 
which are too
old. If you downloaded libxml-1.8.15-ximian.2, try 
downloading the
libxml-devel-1.8.15-ximian.2 from

Or, you can use libxml2 which you will need both the 
package and the
development package. The general rule is if you require a 
package to run an
application then you will need the development package to 
compile it.

i also have libxml2 and the devel. package. the make is 
still crashing
in the same place saying that /usr/lib/ does not 
exist. which
it does.

any other suggestions?

When you say that /usr/lib/ exists, it is usually 
only a link to
another file. Can you ensure that the referenced file exists i.e.

    ls -l /usr/lib/
this will show you the name of the file being referenced. 
Do an ls -l of the
file being referenced and you'll see whether it does exist.
If you do a 
    strings /usr/lib/ | tail
you should see 10 lines of text. If this does exist that 
this is a weird
problem. Can you try reinstalling the libxml (1 or 2, 
whichever you are
going to use) and its corresponding development package 
(i.e. force an
install using rpm).

If you are likely to want to use dia for anything serious, 
you may wish to
use the latest version available in CVS or in a snapshot 
(easy for those
without CVS access). See the latest Changelog posting for 
the location and
please also read recent posts regarding compiling CVS and 
read the NEWS,
INSTALL and ChangeLog files! Mind you, this may all just 
cause more problems
than it solves.

Hope this helps.

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