RE: Installing dia 0.89pre1 on Win2k

Looked at bugzilla briefly yesterday but it wasn't clear if it was actively
being utilized.

I'll confirm the arrow key bug - kinda. The arrow keys actually do move
you, but the cursor doesn't move. (e.g. - type "aaaa" into a text object,
back arrow twice, type "b" and you end up with "aabaa" although the cursor
is still at the end of the object).

Wish I could offer to try and fix the issues, but have zero time at the


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There's another bug to dia Win32 0.89pre1:
The arrow keys are not working in text objects.
I would like to know if other users can confirm
this particular bug.

I hope that Hans (or another volunteer
capable of building dia under windows) finds the
time to provide new binaries (with the ping and
text object bugs fixed) soon.

Do you think it's worth creating a new installer
for registry entry problem? The real problem are
dlls from older dia versions that crash dia
upon startup, if they are not removed.


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