Re: Installing dia 0.89pre1 on Win2k

the installer may have left some registry entries,
i have not read the installer script so im just geussing.

try getting RegClean from Microsoft, if there are any stray registry
entries it should clean them out.

Be sure to tell us what it was when you figure it out.

There appears to be a problem installing dia 0.89pre1 (from the
dia-0.89pre1-setup.exe archive) on Windows 2000. I previously had 0.88.2
installed and whenever I try to install 0.89p1 it complains that dia is
already installed and I need to remove it first.

I did uninstall dia, via the uninstaller that came with 0.88.2, and I've
renamed any .dia directories I've hunted down. The 0.89p1 installer
continues to complain.

there might be files stored in your user profile Application Data or
%home%, but you probably got them already.

Was hoping to get some of the bugfixes in 0.89, namely Windows printing
(instead of exporting to png, reading in in IrfanView or Word, and printing
that way). If I can't

resolve this I'll just go back to 0.88 (and probably compile it on AIX and
run it over X).

Thanks for a great program though. Even though it's not 1.0 yet it's a
heckuva a lot better than Visio for UML, and infinitely less expensive than
Rational Rose :)

Tom Sorensen

Any relation of the codec?  :)

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