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Le Sat, Feb 23, 2002, à 01:42:30PM -0000, sartajsingh a écrit:

I did gunzip and the file name 
so now its is a .tar file.
I did not have executable permission on the file so I made
it executable. now when I run it it gives an 
error on newline 2 ..somehting ; .
do Ihave to set the HOME thing somerhwre?

tar files are never executable files. Please read tar's manual page (type
"man tar"). Also, you'll certainly be better off running a pre-packaged
version of dia, tailored to the specific distribution of Linux you're using.
This is NOT a dia issue; you should be able to learn the specifics by
reading the documentation of the particular distribution you're using. 

        -- Cyrille


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