fonts issue


Temporarily I fixed font i18n issue by using gettext. but
the users may has no that font, or may wants to change that

so I propose those fonts is changed on preferences
dialog. but I noticed a problem. right now Dia has several
hardcoded font name. if we make a default font item on
preferences dialog for example, all of those fonts can't be
covered with it. but it's no use having all of item.
Thus my opinion is:

1. tries to find hardcoded(or gettextize) font name.
2. tries to find fallback font name which is setting on
   preferences dialog. this configuration will be covered
   for font name of gnome-print and freetype.
3. uses Courier font as in the past.

BTW I would like to rewrite preferences dialog with glade.

Please any comments.

Akira TAGOH  : tagoh gnome gr jp  / Japan GNOME Users Group
at gclab org : tagoh gnome-db org / GNOME-DB Project
             : tagoh redhat com   / Red Hat, Inc.
             : tagoh debian org   / Debian Project

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