Re: Dia ChangeLog report for Tue Feb 12 08:23:01 2002 (UTC)


Sorry for too late reply.

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:42:28 +0100,
"HB" == Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:

HB> UHM. Your recent change introduce an ../app/display.h dependency
HB> to libdia which IMO is plain wrong. Please don't add circular 
HB> dependencies!

HB> Without really understanding GdkIC/GdkICAttr issues I guess
HB> the cleanest way to solve the problem would be to create a
HB> new _InteractiveRenderOps member function which delivers
HB> the required information and lives in ./app

IIRC can't get the details of text object on ./app
correctly. basically the stuff which are doing on lib/text.c
can be doing on app/ as well. but when those variables is
refered on app/, you will notice that it isn't updated.
so that previous codes can't be handled correctly.
If we can solve without circular dependencies, it would be
better, I think.
Please give me any idea.

HB> On the other hand it's just a temporary solution given that
HB> some day dia may use Pango based text rendering anyway.

This problem isn't related with pango.

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