Re: Re: Re: Re: diagrams

Le Sun, Feb 17, 2002, à 04:39:38PM -0000, sartajsingh a écrit:

 Isaved it as .png and gif but on the 
web browser ,I can only see it as an small icon
with a cross and it wont open or show the diagram.

Well, if you really *need* GIFs (and GIFs are evil), and your web browser is
too old to display PNGs, you can 
        a) upgrade your browser
        b) use a bitmap-oriented graphic program to convert PNGs into GIFs

nothing here is specific to dia.

Can you please fix your mailer so that it does not add "Re: " in front of
every subject line, even when it already begins with "Re: " ??? This is
becoming to be very annoying.

        -- Cyrille


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