Re: UML arrowhead orientation bug

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, ramin nakisa wrote:

I've just submitted a bug to the dia bugzilla site for relationships on
UML diagrams:

In both the Linux and Windows versions of Dia the UML relationships
(dependency, realizes, generalization, association, aggregation) don't
orient the diamond/arrow horizontally when the arrow attaches to the left
or right sides of a class.  They orient vertically so they look as if
they're stuck to the size of the class.  In contrast, arrows do orient
correctly (vertically) if the arrow attaches to the bottom or top of a

Followup:  As Ramin pointed out, the description in the FAQ didn't describe
the correct procedure.  It has been fixed now, and several pretty pictures
have been added.

-Lars, who still wants to improve the whole arrow handling system.

Lars Clausen (| Hårdgrim of Numenor
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