RE: Dia start errors on Win 98

I think it's %userprofile%.  It should look for %home% first (since those
Windows users who know about the HOME environment variable and set it would
probably prefer it be used) before %userprofile%.  NT generates the
%userprofile% variable; I don't think it can be changed.

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Alternatively - this is for people responsible for Windows
port - could
you add something in the installer which checks for presence
of HOME directory and if it does not exist creates it ?
I am quite suru folks who ask these questions do not compile dia
themselves but use binary installer.

I'm haven't done windows development in a while but...

IIRC there is a registry key that is quite close to the "home
directory", at
least on NT/2000/XP.  I forget the name of the key but it maps to
%WINNT%\profiles\%CURRENT_USER% which is the NT home
directory.  A good
alternative might be to use the "My Documents" folder is
defined on all Win32
platforms IIRC (the name of that reg key escapes me as well,
but it wouldn't
be to hard to track down).

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