Re: Dia start errors on Win 98

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Frank Careccia wrote:

I am a new user of Dia.  I have installed the Win 32 version (v0.88) and am running it on a Win 98 
environment.  When I start Dia, I receive the following messages:
** WARNING ** Could not create per user Dia config directory

What do you people think about creating a separate dia-windows list?

"I am windows user, I do not read FAQ/README and I do not search 
archives and dia does not work,help!" starts to be a noisance.

Alternatively - this is for people responsible for Windows port - could
you add something in the installer which checks for presence
of HOME directory and if it does not exist creates it ?
I am quite suru folks who ask these questions do not compile dia
themselves but use binary installer.



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