Adding sheets and shapes, pulling hair out...

Greetings, all.

So, it's Tuesday morning, and I'm stumped.

The goal here is to add a new sheet, with a bunch of Cisco shapes
(currently "a bunch=1", but that will change).  Read the FAQ, and
everything else I can get my hands on, attempted to follow.  

I've tried adding the .shape and .sheet to ~/.dia, nothing appears after
restarting dia.

Tried adding the object to the network.sheet, no difference.  

Tried adding a new sheet and shape to /usr/share/dia...., nothing new
after restart.

Tried all the above after additional coffee.  More awake, but no

Am I missing something?  Merely insane?  


Vital stats:
Redhat 7.2, Kernel 2.4.9-21
DIA installed from Ximian distribution, "dia-0.88.1-ximian.2"

CiscoSystems.sheet:  (in /usr/share/dia/sheets/
 <description>Objects to design CiscoSystems Networks</description>
    <object name="Cisco 7200 Router">
      <description>Cisco 7200 Series Router</description>

7200.shape:  (in /usr/share/dia/shapes/CiscoSystems/, with 7200.png)
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <name>CiscoSystems - 7200</name>
    <point x="0" y="0"/>
    <point x="10" y="0"/>
    <point x="5" y="0"/>
    <point x="10" y="4"/>
    <point x="0" y="4"/>
    <point x="5" y="4"/>
    <point x="0" y="3"/>
    <point x="10" y="3"/>
    <point x="5" y="3"/>
    <point x="2" y="1"/>
    <point x="10" y="1"/>
    <point x="6" y="1"/>
    <point x="2" y="2"/>
    <point x="10" y="2"/>
    <point x="6" y="2"/>
    <point x="0" y="4"/>
    <point x="0" y="0"/>
    <point x="0" y="2"/>
    <point x="10" y="4"/>
    <point x="10" y="0"/>
    <point x="10" y="2"/>
    <point x="2" y="3"/>
    <point x="2" y="0"/>
    <point x="2" y="1.5"/>
    <point x="6" y="0"/>
    <point x="6" y="3"/>
    <point x="6" y="1.5"/>
  <aspectratio type="fixed"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="0" y1="0"
x2="10" y2="0"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="10" y1="4"
x2="0" y2="4"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="0" y1="3"
x2="10" y2="3"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="2" y1="1"
x2="10" y2="1"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="2" y1="2"
x2="10" y2="2"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="0" y1="4"
x2="0" y2="0"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="10" y1="4"
x2="10" y2="0"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="2" y1="3"
x2="2" y2="0"/>
    <svg:line style="stroke-width: 0.1; stroke: #000000" x1="6" y1="0"
x2="6" y2="3"/>

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