Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: cant run dia on windows

yup it works , thanks
but now I cant find an interface icon on the menu 
and what are these different types of graphics 

On Sat, 09 Feb 2002 Ben A. Hetland wrote :

sartajsingh <sartajsingh rediffmail com> wrote:

i dont get new canvas but a new in the menu.
this opens another window with axis.

I one of my versions it says "New Diagram", but yes 
we're probably referring
to the same thing.

now if I click on any object like a class/interface
this axis window minimises itself .
is this the canvas window.

Sorry, I was using the term "canvas" to denote the 
"sheet of virtual paper"
that we draw our diagram on. This is just plain 
programming jargon...

May I suggest that if you haven't already got it, try 
to get hold of the Dia
Manual. This is an excellent product that will give you 
an introduction to
the basics of how Dia works, and its possibilities. I 
think it's available
on the Dia home page under Documentation.

As not everything in Dia is intuitive the first time 
you need it (perhaps
even less for a Windows user than an X user), some 
effort is needed to
understand it's philosophy of usage. After a while one 
starts to appreciate
how it works, and then you really can start becoming 

I now use Dia almost every day for various UML diagrams,
 and I find it


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