Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: cant run dia on windows

i dont get new canvas but a new in the menu.
this opens another window with axis.
now if I click on any object like a class/interface
this axis window minimises itself .
is this the canvas window.


On Fri, 08 Feb 2002 Ben A. Hetland wrote :
Hi Sartaj,

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Kind of monoton music this; "Re: Re: Mi: Fa: So: La: 
Ti: Do: Doo-bi-doo"
would be slightly better, wouldn't it?
(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

I did set HOME=c:\jdk1.3 jsut to make itr an existing
directory . now when I run dia I dont ge tthat error

OK, so the HOME thingy is working now.
(If you don't mind messing up your Java...)

screen in the background but I get other errors when
I was experimenting and pressed diagram trees.

Perhaps not start with the diagram tree. (This is a 
recent addition.) Nice
feature, but maybe not the place to start...

ALso how does one make UML diagrams . whenever I try
to pull something , the object just goes back to its 
original menu

I'm not sure if I understand your problem here. But try 
1. "File | New" to get a new canvas window
2. Click on on of the objects /elements (a box for 
instance), so that it's
button looks "sunken" (depressed). Don't drag!
3. Don't drag! Just _click_ in the canvas window. 
Hopefully a new element
should now be added, corresponding to the button that 
was depressed.

Apologies if I was mistaken about your problem here!

Best regards,


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