Re: The joys of conflicting comments

Just a question to Lars Clausen:
  When you talk about cm, ar you thinking of real cm for the paper 
or a unit for canvas which will be eventually printed as cm if printing 
parameters are the default ones?.

I still believe: 
Dia deals with three different length magnitudes:
--- one for paper, or printed diagram; unit: cm
--- one for canvas, or working diagram; unit without a name; it could 
be "virtual cm", or simply "canvas unit".
--- one for the window trough which we see part of the canvas; unit: 

Again, thanks for all yor work.
Le Mon, Feb 04, 2002, à 06:53:07PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

[snip funny thing]

Looks to me like the comment for GetTextWidthFunc is wrong, yes?  
At least
it seems that the places using it expect cm, not pixels.  We 
really know about pixel widths outside of the renderers anyway,

Yep, that looks sensible. Ideally, we would have no dependency on any 
or display or toolkit specific thing outside the renderers and app/.

      -- Cyrille


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