Re: Re: cant run dia on windows

dont set home to a non existant directory
if c:\home does not exist them create it
and the problem should disappear

On 6 Feb 2002, sartajsingh wrote:

I dont have a home directory
I did set HOME=c:\home in autoexec.bat and when
I run dia it says home doesnt exist and soem other
line number errors.

On Tue, 05 Feb 2002 Cyrille Chepelov wrote :
Le Tue, Feb 05, 2002, à 01:45:57PM -0000, sartajsingh a

i have installed dia on a windows platform but
on running it I get in a window i nthe background
" cannot open per user dia directory
and sone line no: string != null"

Please read what the FAQ says about the HOME
environment variable

.THe dia screen opens but in FIle menu there is

So the app runs properly (it looks like it does, at

      -- Cyrille


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