tedia2sql Announce

Just a friendly reminder tedia2sql: DIA ERD diagrams to SQL DDL for
Postgres and many other RDBMSs!

The code must have become quite stable. The mailing list traffic has had
0 messages for some weeks now. The last patch was from Christopher
Bowland to add Win32 friendliness to the script (ie: not much need for
Cygwin anymore).

Create your ERD in Dia, and produce SQL DDL for PostgreSQL, Sybase,
Oracle, MySQL, Ingres, MS-SQL Server, or DB2. Or, in my case, for
multiple targets.

Homepage: http://tedia2sql.tigris.org
Screenshot: http://tedia2sql.tigris.org/sampleImages/BigERD.png

The screenshot is an ERD in Dia. tedia2sql will generate correct DDL
based off of that screenshot.

Just a note for those wondering about the latest changes from PostgreSQL
7.2 to 7.3, there probably are some issues (see
but nothing that couldn't be fixed in a jiffy, if you're interested in
testing the changes.

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
author, tedia2sql (tedia2sql.tigris.org)

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