A general box

While using Dia, one sees several "dialog boxes". In these boxes 
fields of differen types appear: integer, real ,enumerate, string 
(multistring) ... which Dia uses as  needed; and some of theese fields 
influence the rendering of one or more objects.

I would like that a  user like me were able to implement  similar 
boxes to register some properties. Properties which would influence 
the way the diagram  file (the XML file) will be processed.  And these 
boxes would render just as a box with a title,  showing -or not 
showing, at will- the values of fields.  

 (I beleive I know or guess quite a lot about this: I can modify 
version 0.90 and program as many objects as I need of this type. But I 
am proposing something more general: seeing the changes which are 
occurring right know in the CVS version, having many objects mean many 
programs to adapt ...)  

 I would like that designing of such boxes were possible without 
touching Dia code. (Well, after this "general property box" were 
programmed ....)
 As a possibility, I am thinking of a directory at the user's .dia to 
put the descriptions of the needed box or boxes.
 Do you think it makes sense I dream of this?

email:  loli unsa edu ar
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