status of the debian/mingw32 port glib and an idea about debian APT/dpkg, call for help

Dear GimpWin and Dia-List,

Just a short note that I am making progress on the compilation of
the modules needed for DIA/GNOME under Debian/Mingw.

After all this noise I made, I thought it would be fair just to tell
you that getting this port done is my #1 priority in my free time (When
I am not just having fun of course!).

Just yesterday evening, I got glib and gobject to link.
By merging the Makefile.mingw with the other makefiles,
it also understands the make install and standard commands...

I think with some tweaking, the entire package will be autoconfisacated
as well as ported.

What do you think about my idea as to packaging: Debian APT.

My Plan is that the next module, GTK,
That  I will be building based on the source of the debian package,
apt-get source libgtk, (Of course watching the versions)
and then PATCHING that source code.

If all works out well, the question about distribution of sources will
be mute, because you will just ask debian for the source of the binarys
for the package. 

The APT is being ported to cygwin, so I imagine that it will also work

I think by next weekend I should have a
glib/libiconv/libcharset/gettext/libintl ready for public consumption,

Then I would like for some other volunteers to help test the
compilation and see if they can reproduce the results.

Anyone interested?


James Michael DuPont

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