Re: thanks for tedia2sql

Great! I've had about five reports of tedia2sql
I don't know if you realise :), but tedia2sql is
critical for anybody
doing professional db modelling using Dia. At work,
although our servers
are on gnu/linux, I had to use a windows workstation
and Visio ( which
was paid for ) to make physical models of databases.
Why? Because
Visio can generate sql from that (and also
differential sql when
you update the diagram) and can also
'reverse-engineer' existing databases.
(however, generated sql must be corrected by hand as
it has bugs).

We can't afford making a diagram and then write by
hand the sql to
create that database ( because of time and human
errors ).

Again, thanks for tedia2sql! After having it in
production ( still a long
time until them, as first I have to migrate an
application from sybase
to pgsql, I finally convinced my boss to do it) I'm
sure my boss would
donate some cash to dia+tedia2sql as a Visio
replacement. Ah, I love software libre!

I've... begged?... the Dia maintainers to make more
connection points on
UML classes the standard behaviour and submitted the
second patch to make
sure this wouldn't harm legacy users of Dia. Getting
more connection
points is a FAQ, so I figure it can't be only me
that wants it.
Dia developers, what's the reason for this not going

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