Re: Dia extensions

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Daniel Pérez Alcázar wrote:

It's my first time I write to this list.

I'm writing because I wanted to write a program, but  I concluded that
Dia would do the job better. I want to  know if my problem can be
solved by Dia.

My idea was to write a program to help CS students from Barcelona's CS
Faculty (FIB) to choose among the different optional  subjects. You
may say ''Dear Dani, it is not a so difficult task!", but it is! The
thing is that, as many other faculties, FIB has a lot of optional
subjects (and they are more than  1/3 of your curriculum) and they
have requisites among them. The goal of the program would be to draw a
diagram of the subjects you would have choosen, but furthermore, it
would help with requisites and automatically would draw any requisite
of any subject you would choose.

I think that there isn't any problem to create a new library, like
UML, Sybase or any Dia library, where each member would be a subject,
with information related to it, hours per week, teachers, etc... But
my question is the following: imagine I have created  my subject
library: I have the subject CL1 (compilers I) and CL2 (compilers II)
for example. I click on CL2 and I drag it in my Dia sheet. Because CL1
is a requisite of CL2, it would be desirable to Dia draw it for me
(and furthermore, draw a "link" between both subjects). And also check
if, in the current sheet, I haven't spent all week hours for optional

This is possible only in the current CVS version of Dia.  We've added back
pointers that would allow an object to check the entire diagram.  It's also
possible to have one object add another, but there's no realy layout

I have not read any Dia source code line yet, at the momment I'm only
looking for advice.

My advice would be:  Go to and do some searches.  There are
specialized tools for this that may better serve your needs:

Dia could be used for this, but I wouldn't consider it the best tool.

Thanks in advance. Excuse me if my written English is bad (my spoken
English is worse :-) )

Isn't it funny how only those non-native English speakers whose English is
quite good apologizes for their bad English? :)


Lars Clausen (| Hårdgrim of Numenor
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