Re: WIN32 compilation, UML Sequence Diagrams and Inheritance arrows and the spirit of GNU software.

Alan, Hans and all the other Dia developers.

I am sorry to be such a pain in the ass. 

Please accept my apoplogies, and I will just deal with what is there.
You have done a great job at porting and maintaining dia, and
I am happy to use it. 

I wish it would be easier to use the win32 ports,
and I must say that the port to win32 is one of the reasons why DIA is

I promise to do my best to make the w32 port better.

Sorry about all the stress I might have caused you.

I will be putting the extra effort to make up for my stupid

The next mail from me will be a positive contribution,
not just a bitch mail. Alan, thank you for you patience with me.


James Michael DuPont

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