Re: Reread file option for "image" standard object

It is, however, a good point you're bringing up.  Instead of adding a
button, I would suggest that you make a check (using stat(2)) in
image_update_data() to see if the timestamp has changed, and store the
timestamp whenever the image is loaded.

I will look at this; but I think that in any case the option should be
there for the user to decide.

Can you imagine many situations where the user would change the
image externally to dia and not want it updated?

There are definately times when asking the user to decide is unnecessary
(i should dig out the rant, i mean article that Havoc wrote about this)
and it is better to make a firm decision.

/me is in a strange mood today, devils advocate twice in one morning.
must write some code that should make me less critical for a while.

I dont mean to complain so much (i blame the rain, crappy weather) i am
just trying to help in my own way.

Alan Horkan
Dublin, Ireland

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