Re: I18n'ed input!

At 11:45 06.08.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Steffen Macke wrote:
Bummer!  Can you get it into a diagram by pasting (ware the encoding
used for the clipboard!), or by editing the file?

Clipboard: No success. No (visible) input like when using the keyboard

Double bummer.  This with yesterdays CVS?  I changed the clipboard to
supposedly work for Win32 at least with ASCII, does it?

Yes. Nice work. It even is able to transfer german umlauts.
BTW: simple direct text input e.g via standard::text object
does _not_ work anymore on win32 (I'm not sure if it had
after Pangoization though) ...
It looks likedouble conversion to utf-8.

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