RE: CVS and uncompressed Dia files? (RE: Is there a more stable version than 0.88.1?)

I wonder how practical it would be for multiple people to
work on the same Dia file simultaneously, merging there
changes through CVS?  I suppose one could even optimize
the file format for that.  Just a thought.

your main problem would be conflicts: youd need a conflict
resolution system that understood xml, annd the myriad of
DTD's (do they exist forsooth?) that define it.

I think this would require some integration on the client
cvs side- rather then generating the usual diff
imagine a console app that takes a pair of dia files
(compressed or otherwise) parses them, then creates a new
diagram, in which the differences could be resolved from
within Dia itself. (Just add a new attribute to objects
for marking them as a conflicts, and having code in dia
to deal with this somehow (showing both versions in
50% opacity then asking for a resolution when clicked on?.))

this would be a considerable amount of work, and it would
be moderately specific to the way cvs handles things.
In the short run you may with to treat them as binary,
and have one person edit them at a time, you really dont
want to hand edit xml- its not designed to be forgiving.

on another topic, I think it would be neat to be able to
embed svg graphics in a diagram. (like a logo or something)
Anyone brought that up before? (no svg editing, just
selecting them from an external file, then embedding their
xml directly into the diagram xml)

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