Re: Do you know why I cant be able to use tildes and accents

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:29:18 -0300 "Belen Leonardo Javier"
<lbelen afip gov ar> wrote:

I started using DIA but I faced an unexpected problem: I cannot make DIA
to write accents (spanish) and "eñes" in the text boxes, Please help,
since I believe I can use it a lot but I need the full alphabet
support... Thanks In advance. Leonardo Belen. AFIP-ARG  


I'm an English speaker, but I write to my friends in Swedish from time to
time, so I had to learn about all those funny characters they use.  I
don't understand how it's a Dia question.  Isn't it a feature of X?  

To type "eñes", I use dead keys thus:  

        e, ctrl-T (dead key) ~, n, e, s.  

Make sure that's an uppercase "T".

I tried it in Dia, adding a property to a UML class object.  It worked. 

Am I misunderstanding the problem?  


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