RE: Do you know why I cant be able to use tildes and accents

I don't know if it helps but I have to tell you and Lars
that I am able to get the correct glyphs from different GTK
apps like gedit and the gnome Env itself, so it seems to be
more a problem of the widget used in DIA. I'm wright? Leo.

just for curiosity, do you have the problem in all parts
of dia, or just some:

does it look right in any of these places:
        inside the properties dialog box for a uml object?
        on the canvas for same?
        in the titlebar if you open a file with an n~?
        any other places you can type in text?

and did the copy&paste trick work?

(I have problems with copy/paste- it doesnt seem to work
correctly with utf-8 text, but that is another discussion)

Just totally guessing- but if you have multiple versions
of gtk installed, you can find out which dia uses with

ldd `which dia`

It might be different than the one used by the other
gtk apps...

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