Re: Dia's user interface

Lars Clausen wrote:

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:

I just want to say that for me is quite important to know if the
diagram has been saved before closing it: Many times I open a diagram
and go from changing the diagram to process it once and again. And is
very important to be sure the diagram was saved before processing it.

May be the present string is too big; but may be the * is too small.

Unless you exit Dia by brutal means (leaving X, typing Ctrl-C in a
terminal), Dia will ask before closing an unsaved diagram.  So you won't
accidentally lose your work just because you don't notice the modified

I suspect the concern is that she wants to be sure she has saved the
diagram *before* doing additional work on it (as a check-point, I
suppose).  Perhaps color could help (red -> modified, green -> unchanged
from saved copy)?  (Or red and invisible...)

Steve Wampler -- swampler noao edu
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