Re: opinions on Dia...

Nuno Afonso wrote:

i have Dia 0.88 and the only thing that i consider not so good in the
sequence diagram (of UML) is the impossibility of doing 'ifs' (usually
when you do an 'if' it should create a block on the life line block...

Is that the "self-delegation" thingy of UML you're referring to? I don't
recall needing an 'if' in that situation...

another thing that is not completely fine is that a life line block only
has 3 places (on each side) to connect on it.. we should be able to set
the number of places to connect or it should increase the number of
places to connect when you make the life line block bigger, and decrease
when you shorten it...

The middle-button menu (object menu) actually will let you add and
remove pairs of extra connection points (one each side).

But maybe it would be a great idea to have the connection points spaced
at fixed intervals (related to grid perhaps?), so that they don't move
when you expand the block. Instead, new connection points could
automatically appear when the next "fixed interval" became inside the
expanding lifeline box.


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