Re: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

is there an IRC channel we could discuss this on?
how about #dia
(im there right now and for the next hour or so)

As for your four operations, what about

      Ctrl+S, B (send to very back)
      Ctrl+S, F (send to very front)
      Ctrl+S, D (send down)
      Ctrl+S, U (send up)

I don't like "send" very much.

i did not check earlier, but i did just now
Dia uses Send to Back Ctrl+B, Bring to Front Ctrl+F.

Nasty mess

Powerpoint uses Send Back, and Bring Forward.  (if powerpoint 97 has
keybindings for this i cannot find them)

I dont think having 4 totally different keybindings for this is the way to
go.  I think having a "Shift"-ed and unshifted pair would be best.
Could some one check to see what Kivio or Corel Draw or something similar
uses as a keybinding (if any)?

I am not so sure about Ctrl and multiple letters, it is not a bad idea but
it is not something Microsoft or Apple use and i those are what a vast
majority of users are familiar with.

Alan Horkan

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