Re: exporting from the command line without X

On 22 Apr 2002, Andreas Leitner wrote:


we are using images drawn with dia in our project. It's an awesome
project - keep up the great work guys.

Anyway we have a minor problem with exporting from the command line. It
seems that the way dia works (or at least the debian packages are built)
dia depends on X, even if all one wants to do is export a dia file to
say eps on the command line. We use the "-e" facilty from our Makefiles,
but we cannot fully automate building because dia requires X (not only
the libs, but a running instance of it)

Do the export filters really need a running X, or could this dependency
be stripped out?

They do.  We use the X fonts system to get font data, and GTK is fairly
deeply entwined with Dia.
There are pseudo-X-servers around that may fulfill your needs, though fonts
might still be a problem.


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