RE: Review of Keybindings [Re: Dia's user interface]

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Ben A. Hetland wrote:

Ctrl-A should be Select All.  I'd like to make Front and Back be
Ctrl-> and
Ctrl-<, but those are clumsy on US keyboards.

Ctrl-A should definitely be select all. Dia has a use for the concept of
select all, so it should definitely follow the outstanding convention
rather than reinterpret Ctrl-A for something else and assign a different
key to the select-all function.

I don't think Ctrl-> (Ctrl-.) and Ctrl-< (Ctrl-,) are difficult...
uncommon, but not difficult. This, of course, is assuming that Ctrl-. and
Ctrl-, would be equivalent, instead of Ctrl-> meaning Ctrl-Shift-. .

Finally found the HIG (not easily found from

Where is it? I clicked on Alan's link, but it's seriously outdated (no
updates in ~1.5 years).

Unfortunately this would change (break) the current scheme in
quite a lot of places, but better to make a decision sooner rather than

We shall probably need to break a number of long-standing
settings soon.  I
don't know if this should be before or after the next release.  Probably
after, I think this release has waited long enough already.

Prior to 1.0, but I'd agree that a new release sooner rather than later
would be good.

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