Re2: shapes for cybernetic circuits

Message: 7
From: Steffen Macke <sdteffen web de>
Subject: Re: shapes for cybernetic circuits

The shapes look very good.

Thank you very much :-)

Would you like to have them included in the dia distribution?

I'd be happy and even a bit proud if they were included in the
distribution. The question is how useful they are ...
Obviously, if they had been missed by many people they would already be
there. But I - and a couple of my colleagues - have indeed missed them
for some time in various diagram drawing tools (particularly the "minus"
Cybernetic diagrams are probably a rather unusual application for dia,
but there likely are a couple of thousand people (give or take an order
of magnitude) who potentially do them. And the extraordinarily fine
layout of dia allows adding shapes without adding too much confusion for
the users.
That said: yes I'd like to have them included.

Would it be ok to replace the colors #ffffff and #000000
with foreground and background. This way it becomes possible to change
the symbol colors through the properties dialog.

Good idea.
Lars contacted me about the icons which do not exactly match the shapes
in many cases. I gave him my reasons for this and am now awaiting his
decision on the subject. I guess I'll do something about that during the
next week and I'll also do the color thing. Maybe I'll also create some
more shapes that allow putting parameters via text entries into the
When everybody is happy, I'll commit the stuff again.

Thanks for the feedback!


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