Re: dia finally compiles, but does not start up ..

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002 08:14:39 +0000 (UTC), Peter Sojan wrote:

I got dia compile after fiddling a bit around with my system, but on
startup I get several warnings, that objects could not be loaded: 

** WARNING **: object_get_type(UML - Class) returned NULL

** WARNING **: object_get_type(UML - Class) returned NULL

** WARNING **: object_get_type(UML - Note) returned NULL

** WARNING **: object_get_type(UML - Dependency) returned NULL

** WARNING **: object_get_type(UML - Realizes) returned NULL

... and so on and so on ...

** WARNING **: object_get_type(Logic - Connector) returned NULL
Couldn't find standard objects when looking for object-libs, exiting...

These warnings, originally intended to be more of a development
diagnostic reminder than a *warning* happen when a sheet is loaded but
the object on the sheet doesn't match any shape or programmed 
object that has been loaded previously.  (Whew!)  It looks to me
like none of your objects are being loaded, and dia is saying,
"Well what's the point then?"

Might want to check "File | Plugins" and see if the Standard and
Internal etc. modules are loaded.  Also verify that /path/to/dia/shapes
and /path/to/dia/objects exist and appear to have the object 
definitions.  Hope this helps.

 - michael -

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