Re: create new Electric shapes

Le Wed, Apr 17, 2002, à 10:59:33PM +0200, Luca Bigliardi a écrit:
i'd like to create more shapes in the "Electric section".
Make the xpm is not a problem, but make the .shape is.
I know it's only XML, but this is in fact my first experience with
this meta-language. I'd appreciate a lot if anyone can
explain to me the structure of the shape files.

Basically, it's SVG ( embedded into some local XML schema. B y
comparing a couple of existing shape files, you should have rather qucikly a
grasp of how it works. Dia is also able to export diagrams as shapes; you
merely have to fine-tune the shape manually afterwards.

You may want to have a look at this list's archives for some traps related
to our change a while ago of sheet and shape XML namespaces.

        -- Cyrille


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