Re: Creating output

Thank you for your help!

However I am now having trouble compiling the CVS versions and haven't
found any related discussions on this list.

When i try to configure I get this:
bash#./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-gnome
checking for png_read_info in -lpng... yes
./configure: line 9315: syntax error near unexpected token `yes:no'
./configure: line 9315: `  yes:no'

If I edit the script to try to fix it, it still breaks further down the

This has happened with both the 20020404 and 20020416 CVS snapshots.  Am
I doing something wrong?


"Young, Robert" wrote:

This is a known problem and has been fixed in CVS. Sadly there hasn't been a
'stable' release recently, but CVS does work OK. For help in compiling etc
PLEASE read recent posts to the list - most people have the same problems
with libraries, etc.

If you don't want to touch the actual CVS, or like me have firewalls to
contend with, you can get the latest CVS snapshot at
Just do the usual:
tar -xzvf <filename>
./configure (with any options e.g. --prefix=/usr for RH7.2., --enable-gnome
if you want)
make install (if you want)

To run it without installing type app/

You'll probably want to delete the offending lines in the XML as per your

Please let us know if this doesn't fix your printing problem.


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I have had similar problems, under Red Hat 7.2.

When I go to edit a particular diagram, it will not let me print it,
either to a printer or a file.  The application just freezes after
clicking the "Ok" button in the print dialog.
Pasting the entire contents into a new diagram allows it to print.

Because of the nature of my diagram (LAN topology, lots of small items
on one page), I need to scale the page to 20x.  I noticed in the
original diagram that in the Page Setup, if I selected a "Fit
To" value
and then went back to Scale, the Scale changes from "20.0" to
"Nan".  On
inspection of the XML file, this value is saved as "nan", presumably
indicating a non-numeric value.  This does not happen on a
file, so possibly is a source of the problem?

Also, "obj_bb" fields are added to the XML file.  Even if I explicitly
delete the relevant obj_bb lines from the file, on reloading
and saving,
Dia puts the same values back.  Are these bounding boxes?
Some of them
have ridiculously high values, such as "4.4449e+169".  I
thought perhaps
this notation was making the postscript renderer barf?

Any ideas?


Claudio Mike Hofer wrote:

It's me again.

I tried agin and strange things happend.

if i copy my network layout to a new diagramm i con save
and print it. if i
modity this new diagramm then i'm not able to print, create
the PS file.

On Friday 12 April 2002 10:03, you wrote:
Hi all,

i have some problems with my version of dia 0.88.1, but
only a few days.

i use rh 7.2 and have updated my system recently with all
patches from rh.
i think since there the print section and also the export
section doesn't

i take a look the the archive but have found nothing.

can someone help me. i need to print a network layout.

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 Greg Trounson                          Programmer / Analyst
 Dept. of Maths and Stats,              University  of Otago
 PO. Box 56, Dunedin                    tel:    64-3-4797739
 New Zealand
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