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On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Thorsten Roggendorf wrote:

My precise requirements:
I have written shapes in xml/dia/svg. That approach could completely
cover my drawing needs. I do however need a way to add "invisible"
properties to my shapes. These properties - parameters - would be edited
in property dialogs like the ones for UML but would assumedly only
necessarily affect the xml output of dia.
It might be possible to hack this in xml using the textbox, but that
seems to be a rather dirty approach that would also make for ugly
parsing in my backend.
The ideal would look somehow like this:
Let's assume I want to have an element that represents a line-function
(y = slope*x + offset). I edit the xml/svg file:
[.. header, connections ...]
      <attribute name="slope">
              <real val=""/>
      <attribute name="offset">
              <real val=""/>
[... shape definition in svg ...]
If I create that shape in dia, I can set slope and offset in the
properties dialog - the displayed shape would not be affected, but the
values would be stored in the *.dia file in xml.
As far as I can tell that is not yet possible, right?
It might also be nice to have svg:text supported, but that might not be
So, what do you think? How much effort?

This idea of 'hidden' properties has come up a couple times before.  They
should be real easy to do, and might open for some interesting scripting
plugins.  The only tricky thing may be managing the names.

Disclaimer:  I am not very familier with the XML/properties code at all.


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