Re: SegFault in CVS-snapshot

Le Mon, Apr 15, 2002, à 01:06:13PM +0200, Torben H. Nielsen a écrit:

I've just downloaded the latest CVS-snapshot to give the new 'Sheets
 and objects' dialog a try., make and make install is OK - but when i run dia and try to
open the dialog it crashes with a segfault.

can you run dia again, under gdb to give us some stack dump information ?

(run "DEBUGGER=gdb app/" from dia's root directory, and then type
"run" at the gdb prompt. Normally, when dia crashes you'll get a stack dump.
If gdb doesn't give you a stack dump right away, just type "bt").

This would help a lot. Thanks in advance !

        -- Cyrille


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