can bot resize shape


Just found dia and have tried to add a process fish shape.
To be able to create objects with the same height regardless
if one or two lines of text were used I want to allow the
object to be resizeable. Thought that aspectration="free"
should do the trick but had no luck. 

I have tried to check the difference between resizeable
and nor resizeable objects but couldn't see the difference...

How can this be accomplished???

Below is my shape:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<shape xmlns=""; 
  <name>Proc - Fisk</name>
    <point x="0"   y="1"/>
    <point x="0"   y="2"/>
    <point x="0"   y="3"/>
    <point x="1"   y="0"/>
    <point x="3"   y="0"/>
    <point x="5"   y="0"/>
    <point x="1"   y="4"/>
    <point x="3"   y="4"/>
    <point x="5"   y="4"/>
    <point x="8"   y="2"/>
  <aspectratio type="free"/>
  <textbox x1="0" y1="0" x2="6.5" y2="4"/>
  <svg:svg width="8" height="4" viewBox="0 0 8 4">
    <svg:polygon points="0,0 6,0 8,2 6,4 0,4 0,0"/> 

Thanks for any help!


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