What is the current state of dia?

Hello everyone,

I've discovered dia today, have used version 0.88.1 for
several hours today and am quite impressed. :)

I'm quite surprised by the lack of updates on the web site,
though. When I first came to it and saw the date of last
news item, I thought dia was yet another unfinished, dead
project. I also noticed the past updates had been slow to
come though, but the project had kept on going, so I gave
it a try and looked at the mailing list archives, too, and
discovered it was still alive and kicking!

So, what is the current state of dia? Can anybody answer
the following:

* Has any significant feature been implemented since
  version 0.88.1?

* Is the CVS stable, at least as much as 0.88.1?

* Is there something resembling the Mozilla Milestones
  available? More recent than 0.88.1, but more stable
  than bloody edge?

* If one of the answers to the questions above is
  "use CVS", would you be gentle enough to post the
  commands needed to get a usable tree? I'm sorry, I
  know I need to learn cvs someday, but I really don't
  have time right now.

Thank you!

adrienbeau yahoo com - Free account at http://mail.yahoo.com

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